Tonight, we have parked in a historical town located within the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in northern Poland. Lidzbark Warmiński was for a long time a religious and cultural center of the region under the control of the Warmian Bishops. During the years 1350 – 1795, it was the seat of the Bishops of Warmia and the town had numerous prominent residents such as Nicolaus Copernicus. Warmian Bishops built a monumental medieval castle between the rivers Łyna and Symsarna during the years 1350-1401. The castle of Lidzbark Warmiński is a jewel of gothic architecture with a massive tower in the north-eastern corner. In appearance, the castle resembles Teutonic castles. The fortress had its own mill and a large forecourt, and the whole was surrounded by the moat. In the town are also a few historical building and High Gate, next to it are three nice bakeries, where we bought tasty local bread (5 PLN). Next to the castle is restaurant Starowka where we had our lunch (Noodle soup 8,5 PLN, Pasta with chicken and creamy sauce 28,50 PLN, Breaded pork-chop 28,50 PLN, Water 0,7 l / 7 PLN). For drinking is there the only one Klub Muzycny (Lech Beer 0,5 l / 7 PLN).

Parking location – Lidzbark Warmiński: 54.122985N 20.579564E