At a tranquil location with a panoramic view, scattered with antiquities, at the plain of Thirea, at a small distance from Astros, is located Loukous Monastery. It is built at the location of ancient Eva, at the ruins of the temple of Polemokrates, which during the Early Christian period has been converted into a church. It was built in the 12th century, during the period of Venice Occupation, and until 1715 it fell into the hands of Roman Catholic Cistercian monks. During the Turkish Occupation, due to its prosperity, it played an important role in supporting the school of the area and the liberating struggle. In 1826, under the threat of the troops of Ibrahim, it was abandoned and torched by the Turks. Since 1946 it has been a women’s monastery, nowadays just 12 nuns taking care of the complex. It has a rich ceramic decoration and Roman sculptures incorporated in its masonry, while marble sculptures decorate the floor. The church is richly decorated with excellent wall paintings from 1649.

Parking location – Loukous: 37.413421N 22.684708