We spent all day driving road R1201 through National Park Mavrovo. It is the largest national park in North Macedonia located in the west of the country. It was established in 1949 covering an area of 780 km2. It is characterized by deep gorges, karst fields, lakes, waterfalls, and dense pine forests with diverse wildlife. The relief of the park contains three Alpine mountain systems – the Šar, Bistra, and Korab mountains with North Macedonia’s highest peak, Mt Korab (2764 m). We made two stops on the way, first in Sveti Jovan Bigorski Monastery and second in Janche Village. The lunch we took below the monastery in a traditional restaurant House of Mijaks (Shopska salad – 150 MKD, Mineral water – 0,75 l / 100 MKD, Meat sword – 450 MKD, Pork ribs – 390 MKD).