MT VODNO (Водно)

We took a taxi (280 MKD) from our parking to Mt. Vodno. Framing Skopje to the south, Vodno’s towering mass – pinpointed by the Millennium Cross – is an enduring symbol of the city. A popular (shaded) hiking trail cuts a swath up its wooded slopes and there’s also a gondola (200 MKD / return ticket) that climbs the mountainside from halfway up, where a couple of restaurants cater to day-trippers. On the way back we took the “Millennium Cross” special bus, they do not sell tickets there, so the driver said that we can ride for free. Views from the top are fantastic. The cross 66 meters tall is one of the world’s largest and is illuminated at night. It was constructed in 2002, to commemorate 2000 years since the birth of Christ, and serves as a memorial to two millennia of Christianity.

Parking location – Vodno – lower station: 41.975644N 21.408559E (🚻 – Toi Toi)