We made one full day of hiking and exploring of Mývatn Lake and surroundings. With an area of 36.5 square kilometers, Mývatn is Iceland’s fourth-largest lake. It is also home to some incredible geological features, a wealth of flora and fauna, and it is surrounded by many great sites. At Krafla, there’s a Viti crater with a surreal green-blue lake inside it. We walked around the circumference of the crater, admiring the lake from many angles. There’s a colorful landscape here with steaming vents and an additional smaller lake on the other side of the Viti crater. At Dimmuborgir, we found some fascinating rock formations created from solidified lava. Over 2000 years ago, a lava tube collapsed and the lava flowed over a small lake. The water of the lake began to boil and the steam rose to form lava pillars. Although the top crust collapsed, hollowed tubes, chimneys, and pillars of solidified lava still remain. Late evening we made it to a nice camp surrounded by mountains in Dalvik.

Dalvik – parking location: 65.9682130N 18.5347800W