NAFPLIO (Ναύπλιο)

We spent the afternoon in the small charming city of Nafplio. It occupies a knockout waterside location beneath the towering Palamidi fortress and is graced with attractive narrow streets, elegant Venetian houses, neoclassical mansions, and interesting museums. It’s also chock-full of posh boutiques and tavernas like “I Folia”, where we had our dinner (Spaghetti Sea Food – 15 EUR, Meatballs with yogurt – 8 EUR, Sea Bass filet on the grill – 18 EUR, Eggplant paste – 5 EUR, Bread – 3 EUR, Mineral water – 1,5 l / 4,50 EUR). Nafplio was the first capital of Greece after Independence (between 1833 and 1834) and has been a major port since the Bronze Age. So strategic was its position on the Argolic Gulf that it had three fortresses: the massive principal fortress of Palamidi, the smaller Akronafplia, and the diminutive Bourtzi on an islet west of the old town. It’s a pretty hub to explore many nearby ancient sights and beaches, there are also several supermarkets, and to our surprise, we filled up our tank with cheapest ⛽ diesel (1,998 EUR / l) and AdBlue (1,20 EUR / l) on our trip around Greece.

Parking location – Nafplio: 37.596331N 23.074955E (🚻)