NEKROMANTEION (Νεκρομαντεῖον)

The word Nekromanteion means “Oracle of the Dead”, and the faithful came here to talk with their dead ancestors. Per ancient sources, the site was in use from at least the 8th century BC, and the extant walls and labyrinth date from the late 4th century BC. The Romans burned the place in 167 BC. Sometime after the 15th century, a small monastery was built over the old temple ruins. In the 19th century, a koulia (an actual fortified farmhouse) was built and fully restored in 2015. However, its disputed archaeological site and its 1958 identification as Necromanteion, done by archaeologist Sotirios Dakaris, is now questioned, because its topographical situation on a hill does not fit the interpretation. The entrance is costly 6 EUR.

Parking location – Nekromanteion: 39.236442N 20.533724E (🚻)