It is called the pottery capital of Ukraine. Opishnya is a unique center of ceramic production in Ukraine with its own creative face and a unique historically formed range of household and decorative products. It is the highest town of the Poltava region, situated on seven hills that were formed by the Vorskla River. It remembers the battle with the Swedes and is famous for pottery, which has been evolving here for three millennia. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were almost 1000 potters. In 1894, in Opishne, the first rural exemplary pottery workshop in Ukraine was opened, which has become the only center for the development of potter’s schooling in Ukraine to this day. Opishnya is rich in the deposits of many kinds of ceramic clay. However, the local artisans choose a clay of grey color, which becomes light yellow after burning. After modeling, the clay dries for almost a week in natural conditions. Then there are the processes of firing, glazing, or coloring and burning again. The product is manufactured for at least 30-40 days. The village has revived the craft by opening this interesting museum (entrance 150 UAH) where you can see lots of traditional and not-so-traditional pottery as well as partake in the production of pots, plates, or art objects. There are no restaurants, but you can still get some fast food and cheap beer (17 UAH / 0,5 l) in the center of the village next to the supermarket.

Parking location – Opishnya: 49.974319N 34.613015E