After a long drive, we made it again to Oslo – the capital of Norway. It sits on the country’s southern coast at the head of the Oslofjord. Oslo was founded by King Harald Hardråde around 1049. Oslo was shattered several times by fires. In 1624, after the fourteenth calamity, King Christian IV rebuilt the area near the Akershus Fortress and named it Christiana, which became a real capital in 1814 when Denmark was destroyed. The Royal Palace, Stortinget, the University, National Theatre, and the Stock Exchange were established in the 19th century. Christiana overtook Bergen and became the most popular city in 1850 and in 1878 it was renamed Kristiana. Oslo, the original name, was re-established in 1925. We made one full day sightseeing around the city, late afternoon we relaxed at the harbor with a small glass of Hansa beer (from Bergen) for only 95 NOK (that’s why we took just one :-).

Oslo – parking location: 59.8965500N 10.7773510E