On the way to narrow Lagarfjlót Lake, we took Öxi pass. It is a mountain pass at an elevation of 539 meters above the sea level, located in eastern Iceland. The road to the summit is called Axarvegur (Route 939). It’s a well-maintained gravel mountain road but narrow and steep, with sections up to 17%. Along the road, we were literally driving up and over a mountain from sea level to over 500 meters. And since it is recommended to avoid this pass outside of summer and during bad weather, we got after three weeks of sun severe weather condition – heavy snowfall with strong wind and freezing temperature. The drive had many blind corners the road was slippery from snow and water cascading from the mountains. Anyway, the road was a good shortcut that saved us 60 kilometers. But the weather was so bad, that we did not stay by the lake, where according to legend lives a beast called the Lagarfljót Wyrm, probably a cousin of the Loch Ness. While the earliest significant records of Nessie go back to 1870, the Lagarfjlót Wyrm has been spoken about since 1345. Hope we catch it next time!

Seyðisfjörður – parking location: 65.2602298N 14.0122607W