We traveled in time back to socialism in the capital city of Montenegro – Podgorica. Given it’s undergone five name changes, passed through the hands of everyone from the Romans to the Turks to the Austro-Hungarians, and twice been wiped off the map entirely, it’s little wonder that Podgorica seems permanently gripped by an identity crisis. Its streets are a hotchpotch of Ottoman oddments, Austrian shopfronts, brutalist socialistic blocks, and shiny new malls. We found here plenty of parks and in the old town a vibrant cafe culture. The city dominates its rivers and bridges – the modern Millennium Bridge over the Morača River and the stone bridge spanning the Ribnica River. The centuries-old Clock Tower, built by the Turks, dominates the center.

Parking location – Podgorica: 42.4455896N 19.2643624E