After busy Thessaloniki, we took a rest at nearby sandy Potamos Beach, which is the gateway to the Thermaic Gulf and the Aegean Sea. As the prettiest beach near Thessaloniki, Potamos is particularly popular among city-dwellers during the weekends. It is situated on the open sea, so the waters are stunningly clear. There is a shipwreck quite a way down the beach – about 15 minutes walk on the way to Faros beach. A very nice restaurant is Akti Retzika with tasty food (Eggplant with feta cheese and onion – 5,70 EUR, Chicken souvlaki – 8 EUR, Pork souvlaki – 9 EUR, Tomato salad – 4,30 EUR, Mythos – 3,50 EUR / 0,5 l), any beach bar serves cocktails and snack food (Mojito – 10 EUR), and the only busy nightclub with the local crowd is Baleine (Mojito – 9 EUR).

Parking location – Potamos: 40.381437N 22.917638E (🚻 – nearby bars or Toi Toi)