PRYLUKY (Прилу́ки)

After a long time driving to the east, we have stopped for an overnight at Pryluky city located on the Udai River in north-central Ukraine. Near the city is a major strategic bomber base – Ukraine’s largest airfield. It is one of the oldest cities in Ukraine, being first documented in 1092. It was destroyed by the Mongols in the 13th century. In modern times it became a center of the oil industry based on local deposits (those of the Dnieper-Donets depression). There is not so much to see, so we just took an evening walk through the city, mainly to find a restaurant – there is just one – La ToRRe (Caesar Salad 135 UAH, New York Steak 353 UAH, Pork Shashlik 162 UAH, Sauce 28 UAH, Bread 30 UAH, Lasagne with chicken and mushrooms 162 UAH).

Parking location – Pryluky: 50.585512N 32.389136E