The Rarău Mountains create a landscape of weird-shaped rock formations and panoramic views, all in the space of a former prehistoric tropical sea. Famous for the unmistakable silhouettes known as the ‘Lady’s Stones’, Rarău offers some of the most scenic mountain views in Romania, despite its modest altitude of 1651 meters. There is one big rock over the road on the way up, we could not pass it with our truck because of our height, so we used our scooter to explore the mountains. In the afternoon we made a short hike around ‘Lady’s Stones’. Legend says that medieval Prince Petru Rares and his wife with son found shelter here from Tatar invasions. Lady Elena prayed for salvation that came, however, with a cost. Big rocks fell from the mountain, killing the Tatars, but also burying the treasure Lady Elena was hiding. According to the legend, the treasure is still buried under the ‘Lady’s Stones’, named this way after Lady Elena Rares.

Parking location – Rarău: 47.452902N 25.549627E