The two last places visited during our tour through Transnistria were villages Rashkov and Stroentsy located north of Rîbnița. In Rashkovo is Chervona Scala (Red Rock) – a limestone formation with a height of 50 meters. There is also the Polish Roman Catholic church of St. Cajetan, the oldest Catholic temple in Pridnestrovie, which has practically survived to this day in its original form. There are also remains of the synagogue built in 1749 and ruins of The Church of Holy Virgin Protection from 1740. The village Stroentsy is famous for its wine terraces. At the beginning of the 19th century, the terraces were part of the estate of Prince Wittgenstein, who paid special attention to the development of viticulture. Using the terrain, he arranged stone terraces where a table and European technical grape varieties were planted, specialists from Germany being invited to care for them. The wines produced in the village of Stroentsy were recognized as one of the best remedies for the treatment of gastric diseases and their prevention. There is also a church built in 1829 financed by Prince Wittgenstein. After the visit, we drove back to Rîbnița, where we have parked above the city near the Panorama Restaurant (Solyanka – 50 PRB, Caesar Salad – 88 PRB, Pork steak with potatoes – 88 PRB, Chocolate Fondant – 39 PRB). The next morning we smoothly left Transnistria through the bridge back to Moldova.

Parking location – Rîbnița: 47.696347N 28.968361E