We made a short stop at the Mæl Station – a part of the Rjukan Railway. This terminus railroad station is located at Lake Tinn in Telemark. The Rjukan Railway was built by Norsk Hydro (the largest industrial concern in Norway) and opened in 1909 (and electrified in 1911). It’s a unique railway that played a big role in the industrialization of Norway. Ship D/F Ammonia is the sister ship of the D/F Hydro, which sank during World War II. The D/F Ammonia was built in 1929 as a third railway ferry on Lake Tinn that connected the Rjukan Line with the Tinnoset Line. This system was used by Norsk Hydro to transport chemicals from Rjukan to the port in Skien till 1991. The ferry is one of four remaining steam-powered railway ferries in the world and it’s listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a part of The industrial heritage Rjukan – Notodden.

Rjukan – parking location: 59.8797339N 8.6980921E