After two days of driving (1290 km, Italian toll 41,50 EUR) we have arrived in Genoa harbor. It was one of the worst and messy harbors we ever went through. Here is the procedure step by step – 1) at the entrance to the harbor is a security check, where you have to present your ferry ticket; 2) traffic police checkpoint – we spent here 20 minutes (they were checking our papers through the radio); 3) at the gate to ferry terminal is another heavy security check, there they wanted to see printed ferry eTicket, so they sent us first to the ticket office located inside nearby shopping center (5 min walk). Then the security guards started making troubles with our baseball bat in the cabin and wanted to confiscate it. After a long discussion with the police we got it back; 4) you have to leave the truck and go to the terminal building to the first floor to make the check-in. There we found out that the bloody security guard scammed us and marked on our papers that our truck is 12 cm longer (we did not realize any length check before, but we saw they were checking the height of some smaller cars). So cashier charged us 100 EUR more and 6,50 EUR departure tax (per person). It’s funny that we have booked the ferry ticket 3 months in advance for 514 EUR to save money, but few days before departure they were selling it for 372 EUR, so we lost in total 257 EUR. Then we have filled up departure immigration cards and went fast through the passport control on the same floor; 5) we went back to the truck and started moving slowly to the ship Fantastic, after few meters we were stopped by ship security guards to check our boarding passes and passports. They did not believe us that we do not need the visa to Tunisia, so we lost another 20 minutes (they were calling to Tunisia). In the end, the whole procedure took us nearly 3 hours. We have booked just Pullman seats on the ship and since there were not so many people on deck 9, we used whole rows of seats for comfortable sleep. We also bought at reception the food pass for 39,90 EUR (value 50 EUR) to get some simple food in the self-service restaurant (French fries 4,50 EUR, Chicken breast 7,20 EUR, Stewed beef with potatoes 7,80 EUR, Pasta 6,50 EUR, Coke 330 ml – 3 EUR). There were also showers in every toilet. The “fantastic” journey from Genoa to Tunis took us 22,5 hours.