Our last today’s stop was UNESCO listed castle (entrance 8 EUR) located in the lands of Spis, the north-western region of Eastern Slovakia. The magnificent large castle is standing proudly on the hill above the plebs. It was built some 900 years ago, in the 12th century, on the site of an earlier castle. As an important political, economic and cultural center for this part of the Kingdom of Hungary, several kings and families owned the castle. It is one of the largest castles in Europe. The last family that owned the castle (till 1945), the Csákys, left it in ruins after the fire in 1780. After the war, the castle underwent repairing, reconstructing, and archeological research. Now, it serves as a museum and exposition piece at the same time.

Parking location – Spiš Castle: 48.998357N 20.770609E