On the left bank of the Váh river, close to Žilina, we found the Strečno Castle on top of the limestone rock (entrance 6 EUR). In the past, it was the safest fort in the Považie region. We have parked below the castle close to the Pension Irenka, where drinks and food were served by the cute gypsy waitress (Garlic soup 2 EUR, Lunch menu 5 EUR, Kofola 1,50 EUR, Branik Beer 0,5 l / 1,30 EUR). Based on indirect written reports it can be assumed that the Castle already existed in the first half of the 14th century. It was built to safeguard the toll collection at a ford through the Váh river. The oldest castle had an area of only 18×22 m. It comprised a rather small residential building, a water tank, and a dominant watchtower with a defense function. In the course of the centuries, the Castle was extended and altered several times, whereas it had the largest area in the 17th century when it reached the status of the castle with best fortifications in the region of Stredné Považie. The Castle of Strečno is an indispensable part of the landscape scenery of the Malá Fatra mountains and the castle rock and the path above the Castle provide a beautiful view of the Strečiansky Priesmyk mountain pass, Domašínsky meander, and a great part of the Žilinská Kotlina basin.

Parking location – Strečno: 49.179556N 18.863654E