On the way to Mazurian Lake District, we made two stops. The first stop was the tiny village Święta Lipka (parking 20 PLN). Despite its size, it is well known religious center and a pilgrimage site. In fact, it is one of the most celebrated in the country. Within the monastery complex stands a magnificent 17th-century Baroque church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Inside the church boasts a stunning interior with the works of many remarkable artists. Among these masterpieces is an 18th-century trompe l’oeil ceiling polychrome by M. J. Meyer as well as a splendid high altar by K. Peucker that includes a B. Pens painting showing the Virgin Mary dressed in a silver robe. But the church’s most famous feature is the Baroque organ, made in 1721 by Johann Mosengel from Konigsberg. A work of art in itself, it has a set of statues such as an angel playing the mandolin and Cherubin with bugles. And what is more, you can watch the figures moving while the instrument is being played. There are few restaurants around the complex, we chose Błękitny Anioł Restaurant for our lunch (Noodle soup 10 PLN, Roasted pork with mushroom sauce and potatoes 25 PLN, Breaded pork-chop with roasted potatoes 21 PLN, Water 0,5 l / 5 PLN).

Parking location – Święta Lipka: 54.027696N 21.219457E (🚻)