We made it to Tallinn – the capital city of Estonia, just by chance, during the 27th Song Celebration and the 20th Dance Celebration. The Song Celebration tradition began with the first Song Celebration organized by Johann Voldemar Jannsen in Tartu on 18–20 June 1869. One of the highlights of the Song and Dance Celebration is the procession, which passes through the main streets of Tallinn and reaches the Song Festival Grounds (tiring walk there and back). Many roads were closed or just one way, but organizers luckily did let us go through to our parking location  (10 minutes walking distance to Old Town – 10 € / 24 hrs). Tallinn Old Town is one of the best-preserved Hanseatic town centers in the world. The Town Hall Square is the heart of the Old Town, historically it served as a marketplace. The Town Hall Tower climbs to 34 meters and offers great views of the town. St. Olav’s Church was once the tallest building in the world during the 15th and 16th centuries. Tallinn’s Town Wall is one of the best-preserved medieval fortifications in Europe with 20 defense towers. We should not forget to mention that the city has a good nightlife with acceptable drinks prices (beer 0,5l from 3,70 €), but food prices are doubled comparing to Tartu. We spent here great two busy days and nights!

Tallinn – parking location: 58.3725290N 24.5056950E