We arrived very late in Tirana city center, it was not easy to find the parking, but a friendly local bus company let us park in their parking next to the lake. We took a short walk to the city center and jumped into a little kebab store just at Skanderbeg Square to taste local street food. Lively, colorful Tirana is where this tiny nation’s hopes and dreams coalesce into a vibrant whirl of traffic, brash consumerism, and unfettered fun. Having undergone a transformation of extraordinary proportions since awaking from its communist slumber in the early 1990s, Tirana’s center is now unrecognizable from those grey days, with buildings painted in primary colors, and public squares and pedestrianized streets that are a pleasure to wander. We enjoyed city life for two days and on the way out we stopped below Mount Dajti, where we took 15 minutes cable car ride to the summit to get a nice view of Tirana City.

Parking location – Tirana: 41.3125356N 19.8140235E