President of the, who we met in Uzhorod, sent us an invitation from a famous retro cars collector Roman Slobodyan to visit him at his Retro Cars Museum near the Ivano-Frankivsk. He showed us his private collection of cars and motorbikes which he got and renovated throughout his life. Roman is a real fan of retro amphibious cars, he modified quite well ZAZ Zaporozhets and also LuAZ, which we have tried on his lake. Later, he invited us for delicious Carp and tasty beer at his picnic place Kolyba “Na Stavkakh”, where at the end we spent our 2 nights in Ivano- Frankivsk chatting with him about traveling and life in Ukraine. We had also a chat with a group of youth celebrating the night of Ivana-Kupala (traditional Slavic holiday), at the end of our short visit to their camp they sang a song for us – thank you for such a warm welcome to Ukraine! During the next day, Roman and Andrey guided us around the city and on our departure followed us to the Museum of folk architecture and way of life in the Precarpation region near Halych. It was a great visit and we are happy and thankful that we got the chance to meet such an enthusiastic and helpful person on our tour around Ukraine.

Parking location – Ivano-Frankivsk: 48.937300N 24.709103E (🚻)