The Uvac River’s spectacular meanders are the highlight of the 75-sq-km Uvac nature reserve in southwestern Serbia. The river Uvac is a natural southern border of the Zlatibor mountain and the main tributary of the river Lim. It is also a natural border between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The incredibly green river snakes through steep limestone rock in a zigzag manner – a feat of nature that’s best admired from high above, at Molitva and Veliki Vrh viewpoints. The reserve, which also comprises a 6km-long cave system, owes its protected status to 219 species of plants, 24 types of fish, and 130 bird species including the endangered griffon vulture. We parked our truck just 8 kilometers from Molitva, from there we took our scooter to reach the famous viewpoint.

Parking location – Uvac: 43.325906N 20.003707E