UZHHOROD (Ужгород)

Finally, we have arrived at the Slovak-Ukrainian borders. On the Slovak side, it was very friendly and quiet without any other cars, so we left the EU within 10 minutes. On the Ukrainian side it was a nightmare, at the first gate they have controlled COVID-19 PCR tests and mandatory Ukrainian travel insurance (30 days / 780 UAH), and then started never-ending custom procedures – it took us 2 hours! They did really think 😱, that we could carry 🔫 or drugs on our world tour. Once the papers were done, we have got our gate pass to leave the border. Just behind the last gate are a small café, a little shop (Kyivstar SIM card – 20 GB / 100 UAH, Vodafone SIM card – 6 GB / 100 UAH), and a money changer (1 EUR = 32,20 UAH). Then it took us just a few minutes to get to our parking location in the city center, but the road was so bumpy, that our rear air suspension got damaged (we are really lucky this time, second damage in 2 days). We have tried to repair it with our Ukrainian friends, but it was not possible (30 min use of service / 500 UAH), so we have decided to continue without that. We spent two days in the Ancient Uzhhorod, which is often called the “window to Europe.” It is little wonder, as it is situated in the heart of Zakarpattia – at the bottom of the majestic Carpathian Mountains and close to the border with Slovakia. Its unique location and multicultural influence have made it one of the most attractive places in western Ukraine. Here, the eclectic architecture of the Austro-Hungarian period is interwoven with buildings of Czechoslovakian constructivist and Soviet modernist styles, next to which blossom splendid Japanese cherry trees and magnolias. Ukraine is definitely much cheaper and friendlier than other European countries – Shell V-Power diesel – 32,19 UAH, huge tasty ice cream in downtown – 70 UAH, nice dinner by the river at Preček Restaurant under the Ash-Tree of Masaryk (Mushroom soup 82 UAH, Fried cheese with French fries 109 UAH, Pork steak with roasted potatoes 119 UAH, Pork ribs 220 UAH, Bogemske beer 0,5 l / 39 UAH, Lemonade 40 UAH), entrance to Transcarpathian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life – 40 UAH. Nightlife venues are a bit more expensive – Bogemske beer at One 1 Club costs 50 UAH (no entrance fee), Cube Libre at Svoi Karaoke Restaurant by the river – 225 UAH and Mineral water – 0,33 l / 35 UAH. Good for beer is also Egan Irish Pub and Kaktus bar.

Parking location – Uzhhorod: 48.612052N 22.293572E (🚻)