We spent again one day and night in the capital city. According to a legend, Vilnius was established by duke Gediminas in the early 14th century. Vilnius became the capital of what was at the time Europe‘s largest country, stretching from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. The city has had a profound influence on the cultural and architectural development of much of Eastern Europe. Despite invasions and partial destruction, it has preserved an impressive complex of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and classical buildings as well as its medieval layout and natural setting. We have scrolled through winding cobblestone streets in Vilnius old town (listed in UNESCO) around historical buildings and picturesque churches. The city was once nicknamed the ‘Jerusalem of the north’ but its Jewish community was largely destroyed in WWII. We found also a few lively pubs where we have got our cheapest beer in Baltics (starting from 1,65 € / 0,4 l).

Vilnius – parking location: 54.6950380N 25.2662820E