Leaving Peja was a nightmare, because Google navigation brought us deep into downtown, literally just in the main square, it was not easy to turn back and find the correct road, but we made it. After thirty minutes Google brought us again to the totally wrong location in Dečani, so if you want to find the monastery, follow our GPS below. On arrival you need to cross the KFOR checkpoint and deposit your ID at the gate, then you are free to explore the monastery built by the Serbian King – St. Stefan of Dečani in 1335. In the middle of the UNESCO listed complex is a unique church constructed in a mixture of Romanic, Gothic, and Byzantine styles, with more than 1000 preserved original frescoes. It is more than 36 meters long, and 24 meters wide, the height of its cupola measures 29 meters.

Parking location – Visoki Dečani: 42.546202N 20.265596E (🚻)