Vøringsfossen is Norway’s best-known waterfall – the water thundering down the mountainside in a free fall of 145 meters and with a total fall of 182 meters. Once we have reached the high mountain plateau, we experienced a stunning panorama. The valley of Måbødalen, even in bad weather, was a spectacular part of the route. Måbødalen is narrow and steep, and this beautiful valley stretches from Eidfjord through to Hardangervidda. There used to be several roads passing through Måbødalen, and in the 1780s stone steps were built (1300 in total) to make the journey easier. The road from Måbødalen to Fossli was finished in 1916 and is accessible only by foot or bicycle. The regular road through Måbødalen has several tunnels but also plenty of viewpoints to stop and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Vøringsfossen – parking location: 60.4253580N 7.2470220E