In the morning we have arrived at the most famous and stunning of the painted monasteries – Voroneț (parking 7 ROL / hour). The monastery was founded in 1487 by Stephen the Great to celebrate a victory over the Turks. Widely known throughout Europe as “the Sistine Chapel of the East” due to its interior and exterior wall paintings, this monastery offers an abundance of frescoes featuring an intense shade of blue commonly known as “Voroneț blue”. The composition of the paint continues to remain a mystery even now, more than 500 years after the church was built. Monastic life at Voroneț was interrupted in 1785 under Habsburg rule. It returned only in 1991 with the arrival of a community of nuns which strives to harmoniously combine a religious life of prayer with housekeeping and farm work. The nuns run a painting workshop and provide guided tours of the monastery for visitors.

Parking location – Voroneț: 47.516571N 25.866001E