Our first stop in Poland, this year, was Wieliczka Salt Mine (Graduation Tower 6 PLN, Salt Mine 100 PLN or 73 PLN in Polish, parking 40 PLN or 60 PLN with overnight). It’s a subterranean labyrinth of tunnels and chambers – about 300 km distributed over nine levels, the deepest being 327 m underground – of which a small part is open to the public via two-hour guided tours (2 km, 14°C). The salt-hewn formations include chapels with altarpieces and figures, while others are adorned with statues and monuments – and there are even underground lakes. The climax of the tour is the vast chamber (54 m long, 18 m wide, and 12 m high) housing the ornamented Chapel of St Kinga. Every single element here, from chandeliers to altarpieces, is made of salt. It took over 30 years (1895) for three men to complete this underground temple, and about 20 000 tonnes of rock salt had to be removed. Other highlights are the salt lake in the Erazm Barącz Chamber, whose water is denser than the Dead Sea, and the awe-inspiring 36 m – high Stanisław Staszic Chamber. After the tour we took a short walk to the little town for a dinner, we found a very nice Sztolnia Restaurant near the main square (BBQ Beef Ribs 34 PLN, Lamb chops 26 PLN, BBQ Bacon Burger 30 PLN, Zupne Beer 0,5 l / 9 PLN, Lemonade 1 l / 18 PLN). We also bought two sim cards – Orange and Play – 5 PLN each, 100 GB each / month).

Parking location – Wieliczka: 49.983509N 20.050267E (🚻)