ZASAVICA (Засавица)

One of the last authentically preserved wetlands in the nation, Zasavica hit the headlines at the turn of the century when it became the center of a drive to reintroduce beavers into the country. In the reserve, you can find 192 species of flora and fauna that are completely unique in Serbia. We walked around the reserve in the rain (entrance 300 RSD), and we saw just herds of Mangalica pigs and Podolian cattle. But the reason, why we came there was a Balkan donkey. Unfortunately, probably because of the weather, we found just 3 of them. About 20 years ago, Slobodan Simic gathered scores of underfed donkeys that were no longer useful on farms and brought them here. With his 200 donkeys, he runs the largest donkey farm in eastern Europe, producing roughly 8,000 liters of milk a year. There is a watchtower and stylish restaurant “Bircuz kod dabra”, where we had tasty goulash from Mangalica pig, they offer also sausage from donkey meat, and milk and dairy products from the donkey. Because of the bad weather, we couldn’t take a boat cruise around wetlands (7 km / 40 min).

Parking location – Zasavica: 44.958890N 19.525667E (🔌, 💦, 🚻, 🚿)