We drove through narrow roads in Curonian Spit to the first city in Russia – Zelenogradsk. We have arrived here late afternoon and the first thing, what we needed, were SIM cards. We found a small computer shop just opposite Victoria Supermarket, where we have bought the Russian sim card just for 100 RUB (with credit 100 RUB on it; passport needed for registration) and to our surprise, we have got the best internet ever – unlimited internet just 15 RUB per day. Our next visit was the supermarket, where we got surprised by the variety and quality of local products, also all international brands were available including many Czech beer brands. On top of that it was much cheaper than in other EU countries – probably the best shopping ever we made in few last months if not years. Then we have explored the city and popular beach promenade, where we took tasty goulash (430 RUB) and draught beer (230 RUB). We also found great secured free parking (gate is closed 22:00-07:00) just a few steps from the beach and town center. Zelenogradsk prior to 1946 known by its German name Cranz was a popular seaside resort. However, at the end of World War II, the Soviets took over the town. The tourism industry was neglected during the Cold War and Zelenogradsk’s tourism primacy was relinquished to nearby Svetlogorsk (formerly Rauschen). Nowadays the tourists are coming back, the beach area has a new promenade with restaurants, most of the historical buildings were renovated and the city is under huge development, but still charming, green and clean, also clean public toilets are widely available (20 RUB).

Zelenogradsk – parking location: 54.9549270N 20.4795990E