After taking diesel at Slovnaft (1,09 EUR), we drove to a dam and lake in eastern Slovakia – Zemplínska šírava (sometimes called the “Slovak sea”). The dam was built in 1961–1965, it covers an area of 33 km2 and has an average depth of 9,5 meters, with a maximum depth of 14 meters. We have joined the Ibiza Party (entrance 20 EUR) at Kamenec resort (3 EUR / person/night and 3 EUR / car). Rent of boats, water bicycles, scooters, skis, and windsurfs is available. Excellent fishing is one of its attractions as well. The eastern and shallower part of the reservoir (about one-fifth of its total area) coincides with the protected Ornithological Reserve. Almost 100 species of waterfowl including some highly rare ones were identified here. The resort is a bit old, dirty, and not well maintained, but still, you can have some fun here. the food is reasonably priced (Lángos – a deep-fried dough with cheese – 1,80 EUR, Šariš beer 1,50 EUR, Chicken barbecue – 6,50 EUR).

Parking location – Zemplínska šírava: 48.807605N 22.007902E (🚻, 🚿)