ALAVERDI MONASTERY (ალავერდის მონასტერი)

A mostly paved road brought us to the majestic cathedral in Alaverdi. At the beginning of the 11th century, when Georgia entered its cultural and political golden age, King Kvirike of Kakheti had built a 50m tall cathedral. It remained the tallest church in Georgia for nearly a millennium. Its exterior is classically proportioned with majestic rounded arches but minimal decoration. Inside, the church has a beautiful spacious harmony, with light entering from 25 high slit windows. Also in the cathedral compound are the summer palace of Shah Abbas’ governor (now the bishop’s residence) and the Alaverdi Marani winery. The millennium-old winery, recently renovated, produces some of Georgia’s best wines.

Parking location – Alaverdi: 42.033059N 45.375229E (🚻)