BYARA (بیارە)

We made a short stop in the small town of Byara in eastern Kurdistan, located on the Iran border. The Byara district is a nature haven with waterfalls and picturesque mountain peaks. In Byara are many ancient shrines and well-known Madrasa (Islamic school) from which many renowned Islamic world-famous Fiqahs graduated. Hence, it is known as the Azhar of Kurdistan. The Byara Khanaqa was built in 1889 by Sheikh Omar Dhia’aldin and later renovated in 1992 by Sheikh Othman Sarajaldin. We had little time, so we took a local taxi (10000 IQD / hour) to drive to some viewpoints. After that, we had a short walk around the town center.

Parking location – Byara: 35.229499N 46.120258E