GODERDZI PASS (გოდერძი პას)

We entered Georgia through Bavra / Ninotsminda border crossing. There was nobody on Friday afternoon, so we crossed the border fast, with easy procedures on both sides. We bought the compulsory insurance in a booth in front of Ninotsminda town. The next day we decided to continue to Batumi via Goderdzi Pass even though the road was already “officially closed.” It is a high mountain pass striking fantastic sceneries at an elevation of 2200m above sea level. Usually, you can drive through the pass by any car from June till October. But this time of the year, due to road construction and recent heavy snowfall, it was nearly impossible to drive through this unpaved, dirty, and muddy road. It was already a half meter of snow in the upper parts of the road, so overtaking with small cars took us ages. The road is rough until Khulo; try driving it in a 2WD vehicle only if you’re planning to buy a new car. It’s recommended only for high-clearance and 4WD vehicles. Make also sure that you have good suspension and plenty of patience.

Parking location – Goderdzi: 41.630136N 42.503484E