HARRAT KHAYBAR (حَرَّة خَيْبَر)

We drove from Al Thamad for 70 kilometers through the extensive Harrat Khaybar lava field. At the Ranger’s Station, we had to turn right and drive off-road through the lava fields and hills to explore the area. It was tough to navigate because Google doesn’t know the area (there is also no data coverage), there are no signs, and even information from locals didn’t help us.

Anyway, we slowly drove around black volcano Jabal Qidr (2005 m) to the viewpoint of the two white volcanoes, Jabal Abyad (2093 m, tallest volcano in KSA) and Jabal Bayda (1913 m), with a lovely round crater of 1350 meters in diameter. The illusion of snow-cloaked volcano shoulders and the cone occurs due to the white volcanic ash, a residue of silica-rich felsic lava called Comendite.

Parking location (with data signal): 25.627204N 39.638442E