HAWIYYAT NAJM (هوية نجم)

In Northern Oman, just off the road between Dibab and Bimmah, a limestone hole (known as Bimmah Sinkhole) is formed six hundred meters from the sea in an otherwise flat area, resulting in a turquoise mix of fresh and salt water. Geologists have confirmed the 20-meter deep pool is, in fact, a sinkhole, but locals hold on to the legend that a meteorite hit the spot. When the local municipality developed the area into a park to preserve and protect the hole, the name Hawiyyat Najm (The Falling Star) Park was chosen.

A large concrete staircase sticks out among the natural landscape but offers a less precarious way down to the picturesque pool. Many admire its beauty or dip their feet in the vividly blue-green water for a fish-administered pedicure. Still, some take full advantage of the salty water, diving from the cliffs within the cavern.

Parking location: 23.036756N 59.069983E (🚻)