JEBEL JAIS (جبل جيس)

We drove up to the highest peak in the UAE (1934m) for our overnight. Jebel Jais is even occasionally dusted with snow. A switchback road snakes up the mountainside, delivering vistas of barren, eroded cliffs, deep canyons, and warped escarpments around every bend. There are pullouts for photograph stops along the way, but we stopped next to Viewing Deck Park (🎟️5 AED) near the summit for the ultimate panoramic mountain views. It opened in early 2018 at 1250m and offers viewing terraces with sublime vistas of the craggy surrounding Hajar Mountains peaks and panoramas that tumble and dip down to the Gulf far below.

Parking location – Jebel Jais: 25.945014N 56.146241E (🚻)