We took the main road from Goris and then turned on a dirt road about 3km before the town of Khndzoresk. The bumpy road brought us to a viewpoint and a cafe (closed), as well as a squeaky 160m suspension bridge over the gorge. Dug into volcanic sandstone on the slopes of Khor Dzor (Deep Gorge), the village of Old Khndzoresk was inhabited as far back as the 13th century. By the late 19th century, the town was the largest in eastern Armenia, but after being devastated by the 1931 earthquake, it was abandoned (save for a brief stint during the Karabakh War when caves were used as shelter). Now Old Khndzoresk is a ghost town of caves and a 17th-century church.

Parking location – Khndzoresk: 39.498813N 46.430990E