LAKE PARZ (Պարզ Լիճ)

We got sunny weather today, so we decided to hike from Lake Parz back to Dilijan. In the morning, we ordered a Yandex taxi (4000 AMD) and went to lake Parz in the Dilijan National Park. The lake was formed by natural climatic changes. In 2017 the TransCaucasian Trail was created to connect Parz Lake with the town of Dilijan and in the opposite direction with Gosh Village and Gosh Lake. The trail was created by building new trail segments to connect existing trails or dirt roads. However, it took us around 6 hours to go back. The trail was muddy because of recent rains, and the route marking was unclear (15 km, ▲1749 m ▼1235 m ◥ 814 m ◢ 915 m, 🕒 6 hours).

Parking location – Parz Lake: 40.753235N 44.961629E (🚻)