MUGHSAIL BEACH (شاطئ المغسيل)

We spent one night in Oman’s most spectacular bay with the azure sea, which ends in a set of sheer cliffs that reach towards the Yemeni border. We wandered towards Al Marneef Cave, where the rock pavement leads down to Mughsail Blowholes. There, seawater jets dramatically erupt from vents in the rocks and reach heights of several meters, especially during the khareef (monsoon) season. A cafe is next to Al Marneef Cave (Hamburger with fries, Chicken sandwich with fries, 2 Fanta, and two 0,5 l water bottles – 5,1 OMR).

Parking location: 16.879363N 53.772274E (🚻 08:00-19:00)