Pamukkale has been made eternally famous by the gleaming white calcite travertines overrunning with warm, mineral-rich waters on the mountain above the village. It´s not allowed to roam freely around the photogenic travertines, but walking down remains one of Turkey’s singular experiences (🎫 200 TRY, taxi to upper parking 80 TRY). Pamukkale’s terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock deposited by mineral water from the hot springs (17 hot springs with temperatures ranging from 35 °C to 100 °C). It´s around 2700 meters long and 600 meters wide, you have to walk without shoes and can do a quick soak in a few ponds on the way up. It’s getting crowded from 8 AM, so we woke up early to catch some photos without hundreds of people. It´s pretty dead in the evening, but good Asian-style noodles can get at Yigit Restaurant (next to Manzara; Chicken fried noodles – 100 TRY)  and some light dinner and good beer at Kayas Wine House (Lentil soup – 30 TRY, Salad – 30 TRY, Efes beer – 45 TRY / 0,5 l).

Parking location – Pamukkale: 37.916923N 29.123568E (🚻 – 2 TRY / nearby park)