The lovely and quiet tiny village of Soğanlı is 36km south of Mustafapaşa. We hiked for a few hours through its valleys – Aşağı (Lower) Soğanlı and Yukarı (Upper) Soğanlı. There are hidden several rock-cut churches carved from the soft tuff stone. Byzantine monks inhabited the valley from the 9th to the 13th centuries AD. They are responsible for around a hundred churches found in the valley and connected rock-cut houses and abbeys, most of which are now buried, ruined, or used as stables. There are also notable dovecotes carved into the cliffs, with entry holes marked on the rock using white paint. We parked overnight next to Hidden Apple Garden restaurant. At stalls in the site car park, local women sell the dolls for which Soğanlı is supposedly famous.

Parking location – Soğanlı: 38.343654N 34.972752E (🚻,💦,🚿)