HOSIOS LOUKAS (Ὅσιος Λουκᾶς)

The monastery of Moni Hosios Loukas, a UNESCO World Heritage site (entrance 4 EUR), is situated at a scenic site on the slopes of Mount Helicon. It overlooks a remote valley 23 kilometers southeast of Arahova. Dedicated to a 10th-century hermit Luke of Steiris canonized for his healing and prophetic powers, its principal church, Agios Loukas, is a glorious symphony of marble and mosaics, with icons by Michael Damaskinos, the 16th-century Cretan painter. Opaque marble screens create striking contrasts of light and shade, while fine frescoes adorn the crypt where Loukas lies entombed.

Parking location: 38.395174N 22.745666E