Just 18 kilometers from Litochoro, on the way to Karay, there is a mysterious place called Levithra Magnetic Field, where water can flow uphill, and even a vehicle put in neutral can travel uphill. We had never seen anything like this before and it sounded exciting. The basic laws of science and gravity that we know do not support these claims, so we looked forward to try it ourselves. And really, to our surprise, our truck did move uphill by itself 😊. Actually, there are many places like that all over the world. How does a magnetic hill work? It seems that the areas where these “magnetic forces” are strong are actually optical illusions. The topography of the surrounding area gave an impression that the slight downhill slope seems to be an uphill slope. This was proven by several studies including the award-winning study by the Japanese scientist Kokichi Sugihara, from the Meiji Institute for Advanced Study of Mathematical Sciences.