LITOCHORO (Λιτόχωρο)

We were not sure, how to enter Olympus National Park with our truck, so we did pay a visit to the local office in Litochoro, where we got all the necessary information for our tomorrow’s exploration of the national park and mythic Mount Olympus. This little town stretches up the mountainside of Olympus and is only a few kilometers away from the sea, that’s why it became a tourist hub for hikers and climbers. This picturesque town was built following the traditional architecture of Macedonia and the variations of lush vegetation surrounding it enhances the area’s aesthetic harmony. It is a well-structured tourist resort and we took there, after a long time, very good pasta at Bella Italia (Carbonara or Four-cheese – 7,50 EUR). Then we accidentally took the highway to reach Levithra Magnetic Field and paid a strange 4,50 EUR just for five kilometers. After that, we moved to overnight at wild Litochoro beach, where we got our most expensive beer in Greece at White Shark bar (Amstel 0,33 l / 5 EUR).

Parking location – Litochoro town: 40.105747N 22.502202E
Parking location – Litochoro beach: 40.098160N 22.567462E