We spent two days in The National Park of Malá Fatra. It is situated in the westernmost Slovak high mountains Malá Fatra. The mountain is covered mainly with mixed beech forests, at higher elevations with fir and spruce. Pinewoods and meadows occur at higher altitudes. About 83% of the area is covered in forest. We stayed in The Vrátna Valley, in the part Stará Dolina Valley – not far away from the lower station (740 m) of the chair lift (12,50 EUR return ticket) to the saddle Snilovské Sedlo (1490 m) with a view at Malá Fatra’s tallest mountain Veľký Kriváň (1709 m). Beer at Snilovské Sedlo – 1,50 EUR, Beer in Vrátna – 1,60 EUR to 2,20 EUR.

Parking location – Vrátna Dolina: 49.229072N 19.036454E (🚻)