RUGOVA CANYON (Gryka e Rugovës)

We spent one rainy and cold day in Rugova Canyon. It is a 25 kilometers long river canyon in the western part of Kosovo near the town of Peja. It was created by the water erosion and the removal of the glacier of Peja. In some spots, it’s very narrow and up to 1000 meters deep. The road goes through tunnels and under the cliff above Peja Bistrica River, and it’s definitely not 4 meters high as it says, because in one spot we did hit our truck and damaged the railing on the roof. Rugova Canyon offers great opportunities for hikers, rock-climbers, and cave explorers. In this canyon was recently built “Via Ferrata” or the “Iron Trail”, the first and the only in the Balkans.

Parking location – Rugova Canyon: 42.689474N 20.173542E (🚻)