The monastery of St. Nicholas is located in the marshlands between Lake Vistonida and the sea, it’s set on an islet linked by a pedestrian causeway. It is a beautiful natural spot and a minor pilgrimage destination. On the neighboring smaller islet connected by a small wooden bridge, there is the Church of Panagia Pantanassa, where is located the list of the miraculous image of the Mother of God Pantanassa. Here many patients and their families come to worship and ask for healing. According to an old tradition, the monastery of St. Nicholas was inaugurated by the Patriarch Nektarios in the presence of the Byzantine emperor Arcadius, who dedicated the area to thank the Virgin Mary saved him when shipwrecked at sea while returning from Rome. The monastery is run by a small community of monks, which comes from the Vatopedi Monastery at Mt. Athos.

Parking location – Vistonida: 41.009021N 25.145279E